Caprice Lounge & Pool Bar

Caprice Bar

Limassol Bar and Terrace

Lounge & Pool Bar opening hours
Bar: 09:30-01:30
Pool Bar: 10:00-18:30 (Apr-Nov)
T (+357) 25 865 543

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Caprice Bar by day and by night

With an idyllic location by the Mediterranean Sea, our Caprice Bar is divided into the inside Lounge and the outside Terrace with both settings perfect for relaxation whether you need a quiet corner of solitude or romance, a place to meet for business or a rendezvous for friends.

In the Lounge, the Italian styling is contemporary and comfortable while outside on the Terrace, you will find a ‘room with a view’, completely covered and yet open to a oceanic panorama.

Chill out by the sea

Chill-out music enhances the relaxed atmosphere with live piano music playing on winter weekend late afternoons, and our resident Londa DJ increases the beats on busy Friday and Saturday nights making this lounge bar one of the most attractive venues in Limassol.

All year round

The Terrace Bar in summer is a cool reflection of the Mediterranean with sea breezes and light linen décor. mens sexual health. In winter the Lounge and Terrace transform with warm tones round Londa’s iconic fireplace and colourful rugs to snuggle into on deep sofas.

Healthy options

The Bistro and Drinks menus offer highlights of healthy options aligned with grill food and local cuisine using Mediterranean fish, Italian charcuteries and crisp salads.

The drinks list reveals a range of Caprice Health Boosters including freshly pressed juices of carrot, apple, orange and melon, rich smoothies, 11 flavours of herbal tea and the Caprice signature fruit punch. The menu extends to excellent wines and cocktails including the famous Caprice Mai-Tai.

Summer Pool Bar

Ice cold lemonades or Cyprus frappé coffees under the shade of the Pool Bar cabana, rustling trees and cerise bougainvillea are what summer dreams are made of. Sitting next to the blue pool watching gentle waves lap to the beach, visitors can order from the Pool Bar menu – light lunches of pastas, seafood, pizza, the Caprice burger and special salads, summer desserts, and aperitifs to enjoy before dining at Caprice restaurant.