Bar Bistro menu


Greek salad €11.50
Grilled marinated vegetable salad €13.50
Avocado and rucola salad with parmesan flakes and cherry tomatoes €12.50
Caprice salad mixed green salad with goat cheese and herbs €13.50
Mozzarellini salad with fresh tomatoes, rucola and pesto genovese €15.50
Warm chicken iceberg salad with bacon, honey dressing and crumbed feta cheese €14.50
Chicken Caesar salad €14.50
Prawn Caesar salad €15.50
Fresh Tuna salad €19.50
Seafood salad with calamari, prawns and octopus €15.50


Deep fried prawns in beer batter with tartar sauce and lemon €9.00
Smoked salmon and cream cheese wrapped in tortilla €10.50
Prawns wrapped in tortilla €10.50
Dips and Nachos served with tomato salsa, guacamole, sweet chili, sour cream and pita bread €9.50
Omelette choice of your favorite filling in a 3-egg omelet, accompanied by French fries €11.50
Hot dog with lettuce, pickled cucumber, English mustard €12.50
Cyprus starter plate halloumi, sausage, lountza and olives served with tzatziki, houmous and taramas €13.50
Cheese plate with honey, olives and grissini €16.00
Anti-pasti platter Italian cold cuts & cheese platter with marinated vegetables and pickled mushrooms €19.00
Seafood basket with prawns, cod, green shell mussels and calamari served with tartar sauce and chips €16.50
Caprice sea platter for 2 persons Carpaccio platter with fresh tuna, salmon, sea-bass, octopus, green salad, fennel and orange €35.00
Soup of the day €6.50

Sandwiches & Burgers

Club sandwich with chicken, lettuce, fried egg and French fries €12.50
Caprice Club sandwich with grilled vegetables, lettuce, fried egg and French fries €12.50
Steak sandwich beef fillet with onion marmalade, coleslaw, salad and French fries €14.50
Focaccia toasted with grilled zucchini and provolone cheese €9.50
Chicken or vegetable quesadillas with cheese and chili, served with avocado dip and tomato salsa €10.50
Toasted sandwich with ham and mozzarella, served with French fries €8.50
Tuna, lettuce and mayonnaise in pita bread €9.50
Pepper salami and cream cheese open sandwich with tomato, cucumber and lettuce €8.50
Smoked Turkey sandwich in nizza bread with seeds €12.50
Beef Burger with tomato, lettuce and pickled cucumber €11.50
Chicken Burger with tomato, lettuce and pickled cucumber €10.50
Cheese and Bacon Burger with pickled cucumber, salad and BBQ sauce accompaniment €12.50
Caprice Burger with fried egg, bacon, onions and BBQ sauce €13.50

Pasta & Pizza

Spaghetti or Penne with your choice of sauce: Cherry tomatoes, Bolognese, Carbonara €13.50
Linguine with clams, fresh tomato and basil €16.00
Farfalle with chicken and fresh cream €15.50
Penne all’arrabiata with tomato, chili pepper, parsley and olives €12.50
Risotto with mushroom and truffle €18.00
Pizza Margherita €10.50
Pizza Vegetariana €10.50
Pizza Pepperoni €10.50

From the Grill

Grilled chicken breast €18.00
Pork chop €16.50
Rib eye sirloin €28.50
Beef fillet €31.00
Beef sirloin from Creekstone Farm €34.00
Combo meat platter for two persons €50.00
Fillet of fresh salmon €22.50
Whole grilled sea bass or sea bream €21.50
Grilled octopus €16.50
Grilled calamari €15.50
Combo fish platter for two persons €55.00
Whole fresh local fish please refer to your waiter regarding the fish and the price

Your choice of accompaniments for the grilled dishes:
Steamed vegetables, mixed green salad or grilled marinated vegetables
Also choose:
Country fries, boiled potatoes, French fries or baked potatoes